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Sunday Papers Live #13 Edition at Cecil Sharp House

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Time 12:30
Date 18/11/18
Price £39.03
  • Produced by Sunday Papers Live
  • Price £39.03, £20.91 (evening only)
  • Get ready for an intellectual and culinary feast!
  • Bring along slippers, smoking jacket, your cat - anything helps provide ultimate comfort.
  • Surf to book tickets.
  • See you at Cecil Sharp House

A day of talks & performances that bring the broadsheets to life. Expect a delish Sunday roast, walks & tours & a range of special guests, making this Sunday the ultimate intellectual, culinary feast!

How it works: Each section of the Sunday Papers is presented in an oversized living room by an expert speaker, performer or group. Some will be silly, some serious and others will make you dance on the tables.

But of course, a Sunday isn't totally complete without food (and drink). Roast, brunches, snacks, fresh coffees, teas, cakes and smoothies will be available throughout day. Sunday tipples include a fully sticked real ale bar, wines and London's finest Bloody Mary bar. What could be better than that?

After indulging in various foods and drinks, why not head to the parks and the top of Primrose Hill. Or peruse the arts and crafts and market stalls, enter the pub quizzes or dance the day away to the live music within the halls of Cecil Sharp House.

If a lazy Sunday is indeed more your thing, then fear not! Bring a pair of slippers, a smoking jacket, blankets, your knitting or even your cat, and have a well deserved nap. Massages are available all day, too!

​“ 100 percent quality, Grade-A downtime ”  - Time Out
“No holds barred, lively, engaging, provoking - the Sunday Papers Live is everything that alas most actual Sunday papers are not!"  - Jon Snow
"Different to anything I've seen in London. Smart, cool, laid back. Just beautiful." - Mos Def