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SPILL Festival 2013

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Time 18:00
Date 03/04/13
Price £10

Robert Pacitti's festival of experimental theatre, live art and performance from international artists.

Robert says:

"SPILL 2013 has been curated around notions of contact and explores issues of connection, exchange and advocacy. In the mix are uncompromising performances, radical live events, participatory interventions, installation, film and discussions. The festival is taking place at a range of great venues across London, including the Barbican, National Theatre Studio, Soho Theatre, Toynbee Studios and the Whitechapel Gallery. SPILL has been presenting the work of exceptional artists from around the globe since 2007. For our fifth edition, SPILL presents artists from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the USA and the UK. In what are undoubtedly challenging times, SPILL aims to be more than simply a good night out, and offers real opportunities to connect and reflect. We hope it serves you well."

See the full schedule here. The festival lasts from 3rd to 14th April.

Our pick of the events includes:

Empress Stah in Space

Empress Stah in Space is part of an ongoing project with a long-term ambition; to create a performance in outer space. As part of this, Empress Stah has floated in ‘Zero Gravity’ and made a film as ‘The Stah Ship Trooper’ in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Splat! by The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

Dancing in roller skates and a deer head, being hunted by her stage hands or drowning in tomatoes, artist The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein doesn’t shy away from creating confrontational images with her own body. In Splat! the self-titled ‘witch, womaniser, childbearer, superstar’ explodes notions of desire, domestication and victimisation in unexpected ways. Explicit and risk-taking, her performances are raw and exhilaratingly live.

Temper Temper's The Pain of Desire

Temper Temper is the coming together of 4 musicians, performers and artists with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Led by Wendy Bevan; founder/ creative director, who has a rich history in the visual arts, and is well known as a photographer and musician, she has also worked as a performer/singer with a number of major producers.

The Woman who walks on Knives by Season Butler (pictured)

The Woman Who Walks on Knives – a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic, The Little Sea-Maid – is a grim tale of sacrifice, transformation and how far we are willing to go for love. Starting from the giddy heights of infatuation and plunging to the bottom of the deepest sea, this is a woebegone story of a woman who braves her most primal fears and takes the ultimate risk. This journey towards requited love may not reach its destination, but this little mermaid is determined to get there, or die trying.

And don't miss the SPILL Think Tank sessions.

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