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Spark London: ‘Beginnings’ at the Canal Cafe

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Time 19:30
Date 06/12/10
Price £8
  • Produced by Spark London
  • Price buy online at Canal Cafe Theatre or call 020 7289 6054
  • Get ready to immerse yourself in all manner of narratives
  • Bring along a new beginning of your own ... real or imaginary
  • Surf to Canal Cafe
  • See you at Canal Café Theatre

Spark's latest exhibition of storytelling stripped bare. An intimate night of tales of beginnings from a diverse group of soon-to-be confidantes.

All stories told here are true.


Spark London's next meeting in December goes back to the very beginning for its Third Birthday Party. All are invited to share in a night in homage to the most universal of themes - Beginnings.


We have all been victim to our dubious 'First Impressions' (Austen's first choice of title for her masterpiece 'Pride and Prejudice') and this is just one of the myriad interpretations of the central topic which will be addressed on the night.


Spark's first night, back in 2007 at its now permament home Canal Cafe, was centered around the very same theme of 'Beginnings' and what a fine beginning it was! The nights have since blossomed on the underground scene underpinned by an ethos of sharing and honesty. This recreation and celebration of the oral history of narrative is cosy, poignant and, above all, a rare beacon of integrity.


Everyone has a story to tell.


Why not take the plunge yourself? If you would like to tell your own story live, contact the team on sparklondon@gmail.com.