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Space of Mind: 'Mad as a March Hare' at Jamboree

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Time 19:00
Date 11/03/11
Price £8
  • Produced by Jamboree
  • Price £5 before 8pm / £8 after
  • Get ready for the finest Live Music Comedy and Entertainment! Free Styling in a Rabbit Hole! And of course, Mad Hares!
  • Bring along a helping hand with all manner of odd behavior.
  • Surf to Space of Mind
  • See you at Jamboree

Sourcing the finest, fairly traded & sustainable musicians, performers & artists for a night of mischief, merriment & a great deal of madness. Feat. Ruby Blues, The Moulettes, The Beaudoir & more.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Space of Mind is proud to present our second night of music and mayhem …"Mad As A March Hare"! 

Tonight features performance, music and chaos from the likes of: The Moulettes: All hands on deck for a rare and wonderful performance from the amazing pirate folk quintet.  Beans On Toast: Once again taking to our stage, one man one guitar and the finest whiskey voice you'll ever hear. Expect sex and drugs and politics. Ruby Blues: A champagne-swillin', blues-singin', globe-trottin', cock-rockin' delinquent showgirl... What more do you need to know? Zoe Grisedale: This beautiful night will be strung together with the magnificent golden thread that is the comedy stylings of Zoe Grisedale.  Plus, The Beaudoir: Be warned! One wrong move and you could find yourself tumbling down our rabbit hole only to be transformed by one of our hare-like harlots and returned madder than any hatter. In return, all we expect of you is to be there and to give us a big old helping hand with all manner of weird and wonderful behavior including: “boxing at other hares (or people in our case), jumping vertically up and down for seemingly no reason and generally displaying bizarre and abnormal behavior.”

Mad as a March Hare presented by Space of Mind