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Silicon Milkroundabout: Coder's Jobs Fair

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Time 10:00
Date 30/10/11
Price Free

A Coder's Paradise, this huge tech jobs fair is the place to be seen if you want in on the life binary

Our digital friends over at Songkick are pretty fed up. Why? They and their Silicon Roundabout tech startup pals have all these jobs to give away and NO ONE WANTS THEM.



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Actually that's not true, because we know YOU want one. We know you are a creative coder with bleeding edge skills, hey you probably just wrote DART and you're probably thinking no no! I will not go into the city and use my Algo skills for black box trading. Or maybe you are just kinda cute and good with the expresso machine.

Either way you could get a great job if you register at this event. Jobs at places like Lyst, jobs at over 100 other start ups.

Silicon MilkRoundabout
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