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The Poetry Brothel: Last Night of Love, First Night of War

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Time 20:00
Date 24/11/22
Price £8

Taking poetry back to its roots and presenting a rotating cast of "poetry whores”, guests can partake in an intimate and immersive celebration of words.

You stand in a dark room, swirling ice in an empty glass, wondering if the frosty feeling in your heart will ever thaw. 

A shadowy silhouette shrouded in purple light approaches you.

Their voice is soft and low, the velvet grace of the words, the transcendent covenant, is just a sketch of the things to come. 

Your pulse quickens and the breath catches on your lips. 

For a fee, any of the creatures of the Poetry Brothel will bequeath you a poetical slice of their soul.

The Poetry Brothel is an immersive and extraordinary show. Reclaiming poetry from dusty classrooms, exam papers and ivory towers, we aim to return to the origins of poetry performance, the ancient rituals, ceremonies, and chants that uplift and enliven our communities. Presenting a rotating cast of "poetry whores” each operating within a carefully constructed character, catering for a wide variety of poetic appetites. For a lovely fee, you can partake in an intimate one-on-one poetry performance, where the intimacy of words is for you alone to savour.

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