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performingborders Live: Our Bodies In The Commons

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Time 13:30
Date 29/04/23
Price Free

performingborders is opening a space for movement, sharing, and conversation, to re-centre our bodies in the explorations of borders, live art, community, and resistance.

In this event, performingborders will create a gathering that considers what we can do when we harness our resources, time, bodies, and care, to collectivise them. Starting from a place of lived experience, ‘Our Bodies in the Commons’ moves away from disembodied and individualised discourse around solidarity and care, towards actions and gestures that are building and maintaining collective ways of working together.
Two sessions will run throughout the day to feed into these reflections.

First, a Dance + Embodied Movement workshop with Camille Barton where we will process feelings gathered in our bodies throughout the pandemic and use them to build, futures together.

The second session will be a Reading Karaoke led by Youngsook Choi where we will experiment with communal reading as a site of radical joy, collective un/learning, and solidarity building, lifting threads from our second e-journal Rallying the Commons. The session will include participation from the e-journal contributing artists Helena Walsh, Harun Morrison and Ximena Alarcón-Diaz.

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