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One Song - Miet Warlop

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Time 20:00
Date 24/10/23
Price £18

A group of performers enters the arena for a mesmerizing ritual about farewell, life and death, hope and resurrection.

Together the performers go through extremes: through sung text, images and objects, oxygen and sweat, they evoke our condition humaine. Again and again, someone stands up to push their boundaries. They defy time and give expression to a deep human need: the moment when we can transcend our thinking body.

Through the metaphor of a live competition/concert, including a commentator and a cheerleader, Miet Warlop invites us to form a community and lift each other up, as in a celebration. The temporary thus becomes the universal, and the personal becomes something of the collective. That is the subtext of ONE SONG: how one song can give meaning to a whole society. Unity in diversity.

The performance has been chosen by the New York Times as one of the best performances of 2022. “Incredible virtuosity,” writes the newspaper. “A wild, exhilarating study of the absurd.” 

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