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Old Dirty Brasstards: The Strokes Performed Live By A 10-Piece Brass Band at The Blues Kitchen, Brixton

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Time 19:00
Date 07/02/19
Price £10

The tweed-clad 10-piece drum and brass powerhouse celebrate and reinterpret one of the most exciting albums of the 21st century - ‘Is This It’.

With firm roots in the post-punk traditions of the 1970’s, ‘Is This It’ marked a revival of the indie, garage-rock band that inspired so many favourites of the noughties, from Arctic Monkeys to The Libertines.

As a homage to this hugely influential album, Old Dirty Brasstards will reinterpret the vibrant riffs and powerful choruses of tracks like ‘Last Nite’ and ‘Hard To Explain’ into irresistible, original brassy beats.

With the exhilaratingly high energy this album provides there’s no doubt that they’ll deliver a unique experience for listeners, effortlessly transferring these classic rhythms and basslines into high-tempo brass band bangers.