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Latitude Festival 2015

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Time 17:00
Date 16/07/15
Price £200

The 10th birthday edition of Latitude

We know Latitude as the pioneer of making art essential to music festivals, putting forward a different, often politically charged, concept each year. This year its For Richer, For Poorer, For Better, For Worse which we can't help but be intrigued by as it evokes contracts we enter into as much as polarities and extremes. Looking it over, many of the most exciting-looking portions of the line-up look to be inspired by or commisioned for this theme.

Tania Harrison, arts programmer for Latitude Festival said:
The theme for the tenth Latitude takes as its starting points the words we all know from the traditional marriage vows. The phrase ‘For Richer, For Poorer, For Better, For Worse’ is the lens through which we’ll explore how we, as individuals and communities conduct our public, private, personal and political relationships. The vow ‘For Richer, For Poorer, For Better, For Worse’ is at once a promise between two people and a legal contract. So this year’s theme will unpick what we think we’re doing when we enter into an agreement across multiple art forms over the weekend.

This year Dr Tamara Russell is bringing the Art of Mindfulness, which we also run as a course with Run Riot projects to latitude. We speak from experience in saying that it introduces you to a new embodied learning experience, approaching mindfulness in a way that you have never experienced before.


Elsewhere at the fest RR stalwart favorites such as Bourgeois and Maurice, Scottee, Jonny Woo, Le Gateau Chocolat and Duckie take ot the cabaret stages and spaces with Duckie 'taking on the haves, the have-nots and the have-yachts' in The Super Rich vs. the Super Poor.
Poetry and spoken word always a treat at Latiude and we can't wait to see the always hilarious Tim Key amongst others.

Theatre highlights include Made In China's Tonight I'm Gonna be the New Me, an appearance from Bryonny Kimmings and Paines Plough presenting a premiere of Sabrina Marfouz's new play With a Little Bit of Luck as well as her one woman show Chef.

In the faraway forest we'll be checking out Clean Break's Sweatbox by Chloë Moss, in the back of a prison van, joining a training camp for women who would like to be armed with lethal weapons, slick moves and a love for resistance in a series of encounters from artists Abigail Conway and Tania El Khoury (as part of the always excellent Forest Fringe) and experiencing This Machine Won't Kill Facists but it Might Get You Laid is a series of compositions for and about the electric guitar. We'll also mourn the loss of social housing with Richard Dedomenici assembling our own flat-pack self-assembly paper model of an iconic council block destined for demolition or gentrification.

In the film and music tent we'll attend a part Minecraft buildathon, part surreal club night from Tate Worlds and are looking forward to being wooed by some sensuous sounding emerging acts such as Haelos and Ben Khan.

And for the first time in latiude history festival-goers can swim in that beautiful lake! We certainly will be.

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