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The House Of Hot Breath: ‘4000 XMAS GRAHVEY BOAT’ at the BGWMC

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Time 21:00
Date 10/12/10
Price £7

Hot hot heat. Cast off the festival chill with an extraordinary night of christmassy cardioke and assorted thrills at the annual Crimbo Hot Breath Bash.

BGWMC hosts the ultimate raucous Christmas party specialising in overtainment, dancing and all round merriment. This Xmas edition of Dance Party 4000 is the antidote to your office Christmas lunch. Note the carnage below -



Let me introduce the players :


Duotard - the notorious husband and wife dance duo present a trio of treats including a version of the classic The [Heavy Metal] Nutcrcaker and their instructional DVD Dance Freaks.


Octavio! - the undisputed master of the panpipe is back back back! Britain's Got Talent tried to steal him from us but the hero of May's Dance Party 3000 is here in full unadulterated piping glory. Go on, have a taste:



The Hackney Puppet Players - puppetry is criminally underrated and there is no better troupe to remind us of this. The Hackney Puppeteers present -drum roll drum roll! - a tribute to ... Michael Jackson. Christmas may be about three Kings but there is only one King of Pop.


North Pole Dance Off - forget Strictly and the X Factor, this is the only dance-off worth watching this winter. Four Santas fresh from the audience go head to head across twelve genres of music in five minutes. The celebrity judges will decide their fate... Nudity may be the prize. Or the punishment.


The 12 Days of Christmas Choir - the crimbo choir are back for the fifth year running! Twelve singers, One microphone and a *LIVE* feed from Tokyo in honour of the Five Gold Rings...


Cardioke - the party season is never kind to the waistline but ... fear not! Help is at hand via Cardioke - a glorious hybrid of guilt free indulgence aka training as you imbibe. Genius!


The Spinning Genre Wheel - just to keep you guessing the wheel of sound will keep turning throughout the night showcasing over 35 different styles of music. Reggage? Classical? House? Nu-Metal? The time is now!


So, what are you waiting for! If you are dreading the impending family time over the festive period, this is one night which will take you back to the future .. and beyond.

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