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At Home With The Ludskis: May Parade (#4 Edition) at the Rio Cinema

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Time 00:00
Date 13/05/12
Price £6

The 4th Edition of unique, avant garde, plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance, after party happening

Granny Ludski, Exhibition-maker Be in no doubt, this is a major new addition to the exhibition landscape of East London, if not the world, continues. This is not just another gallery!

 ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ – May Parade Edition (#4): Patti Plinko with Ernesto Tomasini, Annabel Sings, Centre of Attention, Alexander Geist (Berlin), Stav B, Raga Woods, Granny Ludski, Bother, Sue Frumin, Linnea Hansander (Sweden), Future Sound of Clapton: Comadisco Leo Park (Sweden), Hanna Rubin, Paul Wright,

And other special guest artists.

Exhibition-maker Granny Ludski continues to pursue a true cross multi disciplinary approach to art and exhibition making/curating.

Is it impossible, Granny Ludski asked herself, to bring together artists working in many different disciplines together, into one place, for one moment, to produce a meta-happening? Granny Ludski and her team are constantly scouring of all forms of art and creativity, to bring you a night of art that is unpredictable and like nothing else you will experience.

 The Ludskis return to The Rio, the old, haunted, Art Deco cinema, in the very beating heart of the scene, to produce a unique exhibition happening as a tribute to a imitable lady. In 1909 a Russian immigrant, Clara Ludski, founded the Kingsland Palace. This was the first electric picture house on the site on which the Rio Cinema now stands in all its distinctive Art Deco glory. Cinemas of this age and architectural distinction exist as rare hangovers from the MODERNIST era. These pagan temples house our Dreams, our Fears, our Love, our Madness as well as our codes of Honour. Like traditional hallowed places of worship and communion they impart to us a message about how we once lived and how we should live in the future.

‘At Home with the Ludskis’ (Edition #4) May Parade breaks away from the traditional art exhibition and the typical cinema going experience, to create something startling and thought provoking. It pushes aside the mundane as it embraces the post contemporary with passion, reminding us that Art changes the World. Bored and drained by bogus exhibitions and the banal moving image screenings of cinema and gallery, Granny Ludski and the Ludskis wanted something more vital, with quality, depth and imagination.

 ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ has an ongoing open submission policy and operate an innovative profit share scheme. So support artists directly and BOOK NOW! 

Granny Ludskis' At Home With The Ludskis: May Parade (#4 Edition), Rio Cinema
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