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Halloween Ceilidh 2023

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Time 19:00
Date 28/10/23
Price £20
  • Price £20
  • Get ready for a stylish spookfest
  • Bring along a zest for celebrating life
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  • See you at The Nest

The Nest Collective have reached beyond the veil and summoned a new ceilidh event for you this Autumn.

Dance between the otherworld and our own as you waltz around the beautiful hall of Grand Junction. Bewitch your friends with your scariest two step! Dosie-do and strip-the-willow as we raise our spirits with ghosts and ghouls.

Your host will guide you throughout the evening, and offer insights and reflections on this special time of year celebrated for millennia across cultures.

This event is a celebration of life, and an honouring of the ancestors. The ancestors love a good party, when the libations flow, so we ask you to raise up your voices and knees in the exalted spirit of the ceilidh!

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