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Getting Close To Nothing + Live Bands

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Time 19:00
Date 25/01/23
Price £15
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A rare screening of Getting Close to Nothing, a 1994 VHS video zine documenting London’s DIY music scene via lo-fi gig footage, music videos and interviews.

Bikini Kill’s visit to the UK in 1992 was the catalyst for artists like Huggy Bear (who released a split record with Bikini Kill and started a riot on Channel Four’s youth TV show The Word), Mambo Taxi and Sister George, while diverse cultural identities were explored by Cornershop and Voodoo Queens.

Accompanied by a panel hosted by music journalist (and band member of The Priscillas and Monks tribute band Ye Nuns) Kate Hodges and Delia Sparrow (Mambo Taxi). Performing live: Breakup Haircut and Sassyhiya.

This event features a film screening followed by a panel discussion and ending with a live gig. Phew! 

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