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Extinction Rebellion: Swarm Fashion Week - Disrupt Business As Usual, Somewhere in Central London

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Time 09:00
Date 17/02/19
Price Free

Is fashion out of fashion? This 'business as usual' industry is stuck in a tired routine. Could it not be done better, with something other than consumption at its heart?

The fashion industry is the most influential industry in the world. It is also one of the most polluting - deeply reliant on agriculture and petrochemical industries. It applauds our unsustainable lifestyles and the toxic pace of our unsustainable waste culture. We need no longer be impressed or enthralled by this.

All culture needs to wrap its head around the crisis we are in and end business as usual. It's time to use influence to build momentum, towards this movement of civil disobedience and the international week of rebellion that starts on Monday 15th April.

With service and love in your hearts help Extinction Rebellion disrupt Fashion Week. Swarm the streets, slow down those racing between shows and spread the message of Extinction Rebellion.