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EVE Women's Wrestling: Slayers In Spandex! at the Resistance Gallery

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Time 21:00
Date 14/07/18
Price £20

EVE, a night of death-defying, jaw dropping, action packed, wrestling stunts fueled with cabaret, comedy and so much more!

Forget everything you thought you knew about this previously male-owned world and see what happens when feminism, punk and pro-wrestling are fused together to create EVE - an experience unlike any other!

EVE is the ground-breaking feminist-punk-rock wrestling promotion, founded and operated by Emily and Dann Read who since 2006 have continually played a major part in the popularity and increased exposure of the female professional wrestling scene.

Announced thus far for Slayers In Spandex!

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion "Fearless" Charlie Morgan vs. "The Evil Twin" Kasey

"The Fightin' Irish" Rhia O'Reilly
"The Hardcore Dare-Devil" Kay Lee Ray
Toni Storm
"The Star of The BBC" Nina Samuels
Killer Kelly
Laura Di Matteo
Jamie Hayter
Millie McKenzie
Charli Evans
"S**T Talk Queen" Jetta
"The All Star" Erin Angel
"The Queen of Crazy" Addy Starr