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Climate Rush: 'Remember the Suffragettes Vigil with the Pankhursts and Caroline Lucas' at College Green, SWIP

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Time 18:30
Date 18/11/10
Price Free

The coalition stinks and strips away our rights. Light a candle in vigil and remember the shoulders we stand on, and commemorate the centenary of a turning point in the Suffragettes campaign.

100 years ago, on 18/11/1910, two women were injured and later died because they tried to enter Parliament. They were part of a group of Suffragettes who went to the Houses to demand a debate on the Conciliation Bill, a bill that would have given some women basic voting rights.

Of the 300 who came, 200 women were arrested that day. There were 6,000 police. We call it Black Friday .

100 years have passed. Fewer than 1 in 5 MPs are women. Only 1% of the world's money is controlled by women. For every 10 people displaced by climate change, 7 are women.

We stand in vigil to remember the brave women who fought so we might vote. We stand to show solidarity with women across the world who don’t know justice. We stand for those that can’t.

Join us at 6.30pm on 18/11/10 on college Green, Parliament Square to remember Black Friday. Bring a candle, a jamjar, a banner and a veil. Hear Caroline Lucas MP and Dr Diane Atkinson. Remember the Suffragettes.

Helen and Laura Pankhurst join the Vigil
Climate Rush are delighted to announce that they have received the support of Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, and Laura Pankhurst, great granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst. We thank them both for the inspiration their words below:

“As Sylvia Pankhurst’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter we were thrilled to hear about the vigil to the Suffragettes and the Remembering Black Friday being planned for the 18th of November.

It is especially important that this historical remembrance is being linked to a current day cause which is not getting enough public or policy attention – namely environmental activism.

Please join the vigil, and whilst remembering our colourful past, make a difference to our future.”

Helen and Laura Pankhurst

Latest NEWS (Weds, 17 Nov)
Climate Rush at Scotland Yard
, Creative Days with Lush
Yesterday we went to Scotland Yard.  There were two Climate Rush gals and seven police of varying rank.  We were not intimidated.  After all we weren’t there to ask for permission to hold a vigil.  We were there to let the police know, as politely as possible, that we would be holding a vigil.  They understood almost immediately and rather than be difficult they had charm in equal measure. In fewer than 15 minutes we, Climate Rush, with our “colourful past” (policemen’s words) had gained permission for a lawful vigil full of dignity and respect to remember our mighty forebears.  The congratulated us on our fast organisation and on the event itself.  They knew a lot about the Suffragettes. They seemed grateful an event would remember them.
The weeks before the Vigil have been everso busy: Sunday creative days, mid-week creative days courtesy of Lush, late-night creative excursions and early morning MP lobbying.  We’ve shared a hamper of sustainable goodies with Rob Flello MP and we’ve marched alongside 50,000 peaceful students to demand a sustainable future.
Now, on the eve of the vigil, we beg one more push from you.  Today – please post The Vigil on your facebook wall.  Please forward this Page (mail it, 'Like' it, 'Tweet' it) to those who are waiting to receive it. Tell five friends about what you’re doing tomorrow evening – most importantly bring them along.  
And remember – if you would like to join the CR organising team get in touch now (see links below).  They’d be delighted to welcome you.

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