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Andrea Luka Zimmerman / Adrian Jackson: Here for Life at the Nomadic Community Garden

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Time 19:30
Date 11/06/19
Price £7

Witness the screening of Here for Life, a film shaped by the real-life experiences of ten distinct individuals, all of whom have lived contrasting lives shaped by loss and love, trauma and bravery.

Dates and Times: Tue 11 - Thu 20 June, 19:30.

Here for Life will be shown in a series of outdoor preview screenings in Nomadic Community Gardens, the Shoreditch location where many key sequences were shot.

Each screening is preceded by a programme of live performances and the bar will be open throughout the evening.

Here for Life

Ten Londoners. All have lives shaped by loss and love, trauma and bravery, struggle and resistance. They grapple with a system that is stacked against them.

Here for Life is a feature film marking the culmination of a long collaboration between film-maker Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre-maker Adrian Jackson, a group of Londoners, and a dog. It will be previewed outdoors at Nomadic Community Gardens where much of the footage was shot.

The cast dance together, steal together, eat together; agree and disagree, celebrate their differences and share their talents. They cycle, they play, they ride a horse. The lines between one person’s story and another’s performance are blurred and the borders between reality and fiction are porous.

Eventually, they come together on a makeshift stage in a place between two train tracks. They spark a debate about the world we live in, who has stolen what from whom, and how things might be fixed.

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