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The 24th Sexual Freedom Awards 2018 at Hackney Showroom

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Time 19:00
Date 15/11/18
Price £30

Celebrate the very best talent in Performance and Striptease, alongside award giving and utterly fabulous guest cabaret acts, at this year's Sexual Freedom Awards.

The Sexual Freedom Awards is back in its 24th year of celebrating those who stand up and fight for sexual rights and a sex-positive world. The aim: to promote excellence in the field of sexuality by celebrating a standard of inclusivity, openness and accessibility, frequently under threat by negativity and politics.

The Awards’ night focuses on the finalists of each category, with Kian de la Cour once again chairing the judging panel.

The award is the glorious and famous Flying Golden Penis Trophy, hand carved for the event in Bali. All nominees have shown dedication, spirit and excellence in what they have achieved but only the winners receive this trophy.

These Awards evolved out of the Erotic Oscars then Erotic Awards run by Tuppy Owens from the early 90s.  The Awards have always raised awareness and funds for the charity that Tuppy also founded called the Outsiders Trust (Charity Number 283350), which supports disabled people to find partners and lead lives that include sexual expression.