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‘La Soiree’ at the South Bank Big Top

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Time 20:00
Date 27/02/11
Price £25
  • Produced by La Soiree
  • Price seated tickets range from £25 - £65; standing tickets are £15
  • Get ready to submit to the curious world of circus-cabaret
  • Bring along a kaleidescope of colour
  • Surf to La Soiree tickets
  • See you at South Bank Big Top

Until 27 Feb. Step into a parallel universe in the Southbank's pop-up venue with the circus troupe La Clique joining old fav's in 'La Soiree' - a spellbinding union of tricks and tease...

"Isn't it amazing what people will do for a living?"

'La Soiree' is part burlesque, part variety show and all parts magic. Host Miss Behave is joined by Captain Frodo, The English Gents, David O'Mer and more as carnage descends upon the riverbank. The setting, an ornate tent of wood, stained glass and mirrors, is a fitting stage for the festivities. Gravity defying and body crunching moves bewitch an audience as the unexpected follows the unexpected.

There is even a rather unsubtle political message at the heart of the performance. There is far more male flesh on show than female, you see. Two can play at that game eh?!

Champagne packages are also available. Go on! Treat yourself!



La Soirée are hosting London's hottest New Year's Eve Party!
Forget standing on the South Bank to watch the fireworks in the cold; step inside the warm glow of the Big Top and catch a very special performance of La Soirée. Sip a glass of champagne and party with the cast until late, and enjoy the tunes of turntable goddesses, The Broken Hearts.
Posh - £100
Ringside - £80
Booth/Boardwalk - £65
Standing - £55


COMPETITION: 1x Pair of tickets to attend ‘La Soiree’ at the South Bank Big Top at 21:00 on Saturday, 8th January.

To claim your tickets, send an email to with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: From the modern day to the Romans. The first circus in Rome was the Circus Maximus, in the valley between the Palatine and Aventine hills. It was constructed during the monarchy and, at first, built completely from wood. After being rebuilt several times, the final version of the Circus Maximus could seat 250,000 people; it was built of stone and measured 400m in length and 90m in width. Next in importance to the Circus Maximus in Rome were the Circus Flaminius and the Circus Neronis, from the notoriety which it obtained through the Circensian pleasures of Nero. A fourth was the constructed; the ruins of this particular circus have helped archaeologists to reconstruct the Roman circus. What was the name of this particular circus?

A: 1) Circus of Maxentius .2) Circus of Ingens Bestia .3) Circus Minimus .4) Circus Subsisto

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