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Womxn SRSLY: Reticulate at Muxima

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Time 19:00
Date 09/11/19
Price Free

Womxn SRSLY's artist networking event, for those who hate the word 'networking'.

It’s easy to feel isolated and undervalued as an artist in London, especially in a city where competition and the sheer pace of life swallow up peer support. Welcome Reticulate - a networking event for people who hate the word 'networking'. Womxn SRSLY hate it too but they want to deliver their artist development and community aims better. They want to help artists meet each other and to be seen.

Reticulate is for:
Any artist who feels at a disadvantage due to the performing arts’ bias towards cis-male-led work.
It’s also for anyone else working in the arts - programmers, venues, producers - who want to broaden their gaze to include less advantaged artists.
This event is open to people of all genders. Be kind. Be respectful.