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Symposium: The Only Path to Tomorrow at Gasworks

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Time 11:00
Date 25/11/17
Price Free
  • Produced by Gasworks
  • Price Free (no booking required)
  • Bring along
  • See you at Gasworks

A symposium convened by Zach Blas. Artists and scholars discuss themes of Blas' first institutional solo exhibition - Contra-Internet, in relation to their own research.

Artists and scholars Ramon Amaro, Erika Balsom, Matthew Fuller, Elena Gorfinkel, Lawrence Lek, Ana Teixeira Pinto and Susanne Sachsse will discuss themes of the Contra-Internet exhibition in relation to their own research, ranging from smart drug trends to contemporary manifestations of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism; from futures of artificial intelligence to transparent architecture in Silicon Valley; from modes of minoritarian techo-resistance to aesthetic strategies in queer cinema. Nootropics will be served.


11.00 - Introduction
11.15 - Susanne Sachsse
11.30 - Ana Teixeira Pinto
12.15 - Lawrence Lek
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Susanne Sachsse & Zach Blas In Conversation
14.45 - Matthew Fuller
15.30 - Ramon Amaro
16.15 - Break
16.45 - Erika Balsom & Elena Gorfinkel In Conversation
17.30 - Susanne Sachsse & Zach Blas Reading