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Sunday Service - Feminism for Boys, Led by Hannah Philp at The Gaggle Cave

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Time 12:00
Date 16/06/13
Price Free

Led by Hannah Philp co-founder of the East London Fawcett Society we can all try and untangle what Feminism for Boys is.

Can men be feminists and what does that even mean? Do you feel feminism is divisive or does self segregation really get on your goat? Argh! Gender Equality expert Hannah will help guide us through these themes.

Hannah Philp co-founded the East London Fawcett Group, the east London branch of the UK’s leading campaign for gender equality in January 2011. Hannah is passionate about making bold and progressive steps towards gender equality in a way that is inclusive and fun. Hannah works in the City where she is active across a number of networks and campaigns among leading business women and financiers. Hannah is keen to confront the entrenched inequality in financial services and banking.

Email gaggle.sunday.service@gmail.com to let them know you are coming.