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The School of Life: 'Life Lessons from Brian Eno' at Cecil Sharp House

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Time 19:00
Date 21/02/17
Price £30

Psychologist Tanya Byron meets a shapeshifting creative polymath with serious ideas about the future of humankind: Brian Eno.

Join Tanya as she meets the avant-garde maverick and creative mind behind U2 and Coldplay’s success, Brian Eno. The two will come together to talk about Eno’s creative process, his insights into the creative industry and his serious ideas about the future of mankind.

“This is the start of something big... Inequality eats away at the heart of a society, breeding disdain, resentment, envy, suspicion, bullying, arrogance and callousness. If we want any decent kind of future we have to push away from that, and I think we’re starting to… There’s so much to do, so many possibilities. 2017 should be a surprising year.” Brian Eno

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