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RSA Events: Solving the World’s Problems Differently at RSA

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Time 18:00
Date 28/02/13
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Don Tapscott has a game plan to save our broken world. Join this RSA keynote lecture to learn how patterns of networks can be harnessed to create positive change.

The growing problems of the world - from climate change, conflict, poverty, water scarcity, infectious disease to economic stagnation -  are not too hard to solve. But problems are not solved with the same thinking that created them. 


Join Business strategist Don Tapscott as he shares some initial conclusions from a multi-million dollar study he is leading about how new patterns of connection can fulfil their enormous potential in fixing a broken world. Until now, little has been done to evaluate what makes these networks tick, how they succeed or fail, what impact they have and how they address the tough issues of legitimacy, accountability, representation and transparency. 


Recently it's been observed that traditional state based institutions such as the UN, the International Monetary Fund or the G8 summits are being supplemented and even eclipsed by non-state networks of civil society, the private sector, government and individual stakeholders.


In the words of the Stereo MCs "Somethin' ain't right, Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself, Gonna get myself connected".


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Speaker: Don Tapscott, chairman, Moxie Insight, member of World Economic Forum, adjunct professor of management, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and Martin Prosperity Institute Fellow.
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