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Redacted! - Inua Ellams – 05Fest

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Time 19:45
Date 26/09/23
Price £18
  • Price £18
  • Get ready for creativity at plat
  • Bring along your own poetry
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Wildly diverse writers debut new pieces of work created using a unique blackout poetry method in this new event hosted by poet and playwright Inua Ellams

Blackout poetry is created when you take text from a book, newspaper, or magazine and by redacting words and entire sentences, reveal hidden poetry. The possibilities are innumerable, and the room for individuality endless!

Held before a live audience, Inua Ellams invites a group of writers to share their own redacted revelations, with each writer debuting these new pieces of work. If you’re keen, you might even be invited to share your own poem too.

This event is part of Inua Ellam's 05Fest. A week-long festival that puts poetry centre stage and unites separate strands of Ellams' work in different styles. View the full programme of events here.

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