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Live Art Now 2020 at the Live Art Development Agency

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Time 18:30
Date 06/04/20
Price Free

Join Ansuman Biswas, Anne Bean and Sandra Johnston for an evening of presentations on the practice of Live Art, plus Morgan Quaintance's 2nd Annual Live Art Lecture on the politics of Live Art.

Live Art Now is an annual event, now in its third year, as part of the ground-breaking MA Live Art programme that began in September 2018 in a new partnership between Queen Mary and LADA. The evening will offer a flavour of the kinds of practices, ideas, approaches and issues MA Live Art engages with and is aimed at Live Art audiences, including those who might consider applying to the programme themselves, as well as those who might encourage their students, colleagues and collaborators to do so.

Ansuman Biswas will talk about Live Art and SPACE and working within and across multiple disciplines and institutions. Anne Bean will talk about the BODY in Live Art, the artist’s body as site, subject, material, and archive. Sandra Johnston will talk about TIME and Live Art and working with the ideas and experiences of duration in performance. The 2nd Annual Live Art Lecture by Morgan Quaintance will consider Live Art’s place and role in thinking about, and acting upon, the conditions, ethics and politics in which art and artists operate.

MA Live Art is the first programme of its kind – a specialised postgraduate course dedicated to the research, practice, and programming of Live Art and led by research leaders, industry professionals, and leading artists. Students gain theoretical and practical grounding in histories and practices of Live Art, while developing professional capacities and networks. Students engage with and make performance in dialogue with genealogies of visual art and experimental theatre in the twentieth century. They are enabled to understand, challenge and make Live Art as a technology for intervening in the most pressing issues of our time: of gender, sexual, racial or class identity; of the potential for protest, direct action, and environmental and social justice; and of theoretical investigations concerning the body, time, space, subjectivity, documentation and communication. Students learn through studio-based and discussion-led methods, through workshops, lectures, master classes, seminars, fieldwork and professional placements. A substantial part of the course is run from or supported by LADA’s Study Room at The Garrett Centre in Bethnal Green.

The programme of study can be taken either full time (1 year) or part time (2 years). Students on the programme have access to QMUL’s full research and support services, as well as to LADA’s extensive expertise and resources.