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Kleptoscope: Libel proceedings, A Very British Censorship at the Frontline Club

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Time 19:00
Date 10/04/19
Price £12.5

Join investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, as he discusses British libel proceedings, deformation and threats, and what it means and how it affects individual journalists.

When parliament changed the law on defamation in 2013, it thought it had solved the problem of libel tourism. It hadn’t, it merely moved it underground. The world’s richest people may now find it harder to win cases in British courts, but that doesn’t matter: it is sufficient for them merely to threaten proceedings. Even if media organisations are confident they would win in court, the prospect of a lengthy and expensive court case is enough to make even well-resourced companies back down. This has stifled British coverage of Putin’s kleptocracy, of sub-Saharan African theft, and of the looting of Malaysia in the 1MDB scandal. hosted by Oliver Bullough, the evening will look into how this happens, what it means, and how it affects individual journalists.