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'Inspiring Entrepreneurs' at Conference Centre, The British Library

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Time 18:15
Date 29/02/16
Price £10

Come along to this Q&A if you are enthralled within the deep realms of the internet.

Many say that the internet is becoming more and more part of our lives. That is untrue, all human beings practically exist off of the internet, regardless of who you are.


This is why you should come to The British Library next month. Here you can talk to three "Internet Icons" who have taken advantage from the world wide web and created enormous businesses.


Justine Roberts, who founded the very popular parenting network Mumsnet, Ning Li, the co-founder of the furniture retail website, and Renaud Visage who co-founded Eventbrite.


The event shall be presented by award winning journalist Nadine Dereza, co-author of the Insider Secrets of Public Speaking.

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