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Independent Dance / Crossing Borders Talk: We are Fucked - Jo Bannon and Maddy Costa at Siobhan Davies Studios

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Time 19:00
Date 13/11/18
Price £7

Delve into the world of Jo Bannon, as she discusses the origins of her latest project, what it means to be a heterosexual woman, & her experiences as a disabled person within our political climate.

Crossing Borders talks feature practitioners whose work understands movement and embodiment through a variety of different forms. This year Dance Independent invite two speakers in conversation to share their process and practice in relation to the notion of making change: how we acknowledge the past whilst imagining the future.

Tonight Jo Bannon is joined by Maddy Costa to discuss  the origins of her latest project 'We Are Fucked', alongside a discussion on what it means to be a heterosexual woman, and to consider Jo’s experiences as a disabled person, as the lens through which she looks from within in a patriarchal society. How do these concerns sit within our currently changing political climate: living with a Tory government; Brexit; looking at the changes to reproduction rights that are happening in America and lots of other places?

Gradually the project has become about this idea of relentless penetration; on a personal, bodily and intimate level but also on a wider political level. Are we equally penetrated by our Facebook feed as we are by a dubious sexual encounter? We’re living in an age of being so permeable and so receptive to our exterior context and environment that it’s like a relentless onslaught into our personal identities. So it has moved into a bigger question of what penetrates us socially, personally and politically.