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How is the Internet Killing Democracy? Jamie Bartlett: The People Vs. Tech at The Tabernacle

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Time 18:45
Date 15/05/18
Price £16.58

As corporations such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google gain an increasing and unprecedented amount of power and influence over the public, what does this mean for democracy?

In a world of big data and fake news, where do we source our information from, and who do we believe? Close on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the struggle between digital technologies and democracy seems more relevant than ever.

Join Jamie Bartlett, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media and best-selling author, to unpick what impact this dissemination of very individual and personalised information is having on journalism, politics, society and democracy as a whole.

Jamie Bartlett’s new book The People Vs. Tech argues that the internet is killing democracy, and proposes radical ways in which we can get a firm handle on digital disruption and its far reaching effects.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up a copy of Jamie Bartlett’s new book at the discounted price of £5.00 only when you buy online. Jamie will be signing books after the event.