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Grayson Perry: A Show for Normal People at the Southbank Centre

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Time 20:30
Date 22/10/21
Price £20

Let the artist take you through an enlightening and eye-watering evening in which existentialism descends from worthiness to silliness.

22 – 23 Oct.

And leave safe and warm in the knowledge that nothing really matters anyway.

Despite being an award-winning artist, Bafta-winning TV presenter, Reith Lecturer and bestselling author, Grayson Perry is a normal person – and just like other normal people, he’s marginally aware that we’re all going to die.

Born in Essex in 1960, Perry has had a career spanning 40 years and has become something of an expert in making lemonade out of the mundanity of life.

Perry created a chapel to the history of his home county with 2015’s A House for Essex, in documentary mini-series Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip he explored the meaning of the American Dream today, and with Grayson’s Art Club he brought the nation together during lockdown through art.

Join Perry as he asks, and possibly answers, the big questions in an evening sure to distract you from the very meaninglessness of life.

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