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Girls & Boys: The Pornification of our culture- Liberation or Miseducation?

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Time 14:30
Date 07/12/13
Price Free

Part of the Bishopsgate Institute's fantastic Girls & Boys series examining issues of gender and sexuality.

Pornography is now an integral part of the European way of life. Is this liberating or damaging to society? What effect does this have on young people? Is there a link between pornography and sexual abuse or exploitation? What role does the media have on our views of sexuality? Are news stories about the sexual abuse of women (or men) presenting or producing social norms? Discuss your views amongst those of cultural theorists such as Jackson Katz and others.

Dr Terry Murray is a philosopher and film maker. She holds a PhD in Philosophy of Religion and is a regular contributor to Philosophy Now magazine. Her philosophical interests include feminist and political philosophy.

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