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Decriminalised Futures: Curator Tour with Elio Sea at the ICA

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Time 17:00
Date 04/05/22
Price £5
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Join co-curator Elio Sea as she gives a tour and discusses Decriminalised Futures, an exhibition of 13 artists, whose work speaks to the multiplicity of contemporary sex worker experiences.

Co-Curator of Decriminalised Futures Elio Sea gives a tour that speaks to the wider context of the exhibition and its connection to different organising contexts and struggles.

Decriminalised Futures features works from Tobi Adebajo, Khaleb Brooks, Chi Chi Castillo and May May Peltier, Cory Cocktail, Hanecdote, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz, Letizia Miro and Yarli Allison, Aisha Mirza, Annie Mok, pxr•mxt•r, and Danica Anna Uskert-Quinn.

Elio Sea (they/them) is a producer, curator and community organiser. Their creative and organising work focuses on abolition and workers' movements. In 2019, they founded the Decriminalised Futures project, producing community based workshops and education initiatives such as Lady of the Night School, alongside events like We Can Build A Different World and the Decriminalised Futures exhibition. More recently they have worked with political arts organisation Arika as a Programme Producer for projects and events such as Mutual Aid, A breath to follow and, co-produced with Performance Space New York, No Diving 2.

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