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'Dangerous Times Festival' at Rich Mix

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Time 09:30
Date 31/05/14
Price £25

A weekend of subversive ideas, for those who dare to dream of a better world. There will be discussions and debates, workshops, rebel rants, cinema, polemical poetry and subversive standup.

31 May - 1 June.

We are living in a time of threats and possibilities. Across the world and close to home, people are facing the dangers of racism, ethnic conflicts, poverty and war. It’s time to turn the tide. The festival will confront capitalism and climate chaos, explore what real democracy would look like, investigate imperialism after the Arab Spring, celebrate the women who fought against World War One... and much, much more. 

Participants include legendary anti-imperialist author Tariq Ali, feminist trailblazer Hilary Wainwright, journalist and 'Chavs' author Owen Jones, comedian and disability rights campaigner Francesca Martinez, anti-racist activist Stafford Scott, anti-war campaigner Lindsey German as well as acclaimed left wing playwright David Edgar and historian of class Selina Todd. 

Dangerous Times Festival are particularly happy to announce that leading Russian left wing intellectual Boris Kagarlitsky is coming to the conference to provide a Russian perspective on the frightening crisis in the Ukraine. 

radical Stokely Carmichael in the intro to a cult film of a sixties 'happening'. There is spoken word from the Different Skies journal, standup from Jeremy Hardy, Steve Parry and Kate Smurthwaite, a political undressing of the fashion industry and a brief people's history of music with Faithless guitarist Dave Randall. 

More sessions are being added and new speakers confirmed all the time. 

Dangerous Times Festival 31 May and 1 June
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