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Climate Control at Whitechapel Gallery

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Time 19:00
Date 26/10/17
Price £9.5

Four speakers bring their views to the table and ask 'What is the relationship between geopolitics, conflict and climate change?'

Many contemporary artists are drawn to an engagement with these socio-political and ecological challenges. Art provides a space for questions and conjecture, with artists frequently in dialogue with other sectors as a way of gaining a better understanding of these issues in their past, present and future manifestations.

Four speakers bring their views, distinct perspectives, and different ways of addressing the complexity of climate change: environmental journalist Fiona Harvey (The Guardian); artist Simon Faithfull; Professor of Culture and Climate, Mike Hulme (Kings College London); and artist Jasmijn Visser.

Moderated by Michaela Crimmin (Culture+Conflict and the Royal College of Art), the four members of the panel talk about their different roles including what impact they hope to make through their work and their speculations about the future, together with questions for each other and in response to those from the audience.

This event marks the launch of ‘Conflict Atlas: Geopolitics and Contingencies’, Jasmijn Visser’s extensive research into the sets of relationships that link the peripheral and the rural to global politics. Drawing on the unresolved conflict of the Falklands/Islas Malvinas, and its ongoing ecological and social impact, Visser demonstrates through texts, maps, photographs and drawings, how world powers shape political and social landscapes.