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The Wardrobe Ensemble: Education, Education, Education at Trafalgar Studios

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Time 19:30
Date 31/05/19
Price £28.5

This is The Wardrobe Ensemble's love letter to the schools of the 90s, asking those big questions about a country in special measures, exploring what we are taught & why, & where responsibility lies.

Read the Run-Riot Interview with The Wardrobe Ensembe Directors Jesse Jones and Helena Middleton.

Dates and Times: Fri 31 May - Sat 29 June, 14:30 & 19:30.

It's May 1997. Tony Blair has won the election and Katrina and the Waves have won Eurovision. The iPhone doesn't exist, no one knows who Harry Potter is and Titanic is on the shelves of every Blockbuster. Britain is the coolest place in the world.

At the local secondary school it's a different story. It's the last week of term and Tobias, the new German language assistant has just arrived in the UK. While political change occurs outside of the classroom, a revolution slowly starts to take place within it. Tobias is greeted by a group of eccentric schoolteachers just trying to make it through the day, including Miss Belltop-Doyle who can't control her year 10s and Mr Pashley who is trying to keep a confiscated Tamagotchi alive.

This whip-smart show is a love letter to education in the 90s and is jam-packed with more hits than ‘Now That’s What I Call 1997’ including Oasis, Katrina and the Waves, The Spice Girls. Crammed with Teletubbies references, jokes about Take That and the Macarena, Education Education Education is the new must see comedy of 2019 and plays a strictly limited 4 week season at the Trafalgar Studios.