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Tik-sho-ret Theatre Company presents 5 KILO SUGAR

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Time 21:00
Date 23/06/14
Price £10
  • Price £10 for one OR £15 for two!
  • Get ready to laugh
  • Bring along your Yiddish dictionary
  • See you at Tristan Bates Theatre

What would you do if your late Grandfather started appearing in your life through people you knew or randomly met?

Tik-sho-ret theatre company is giving 5 KILO SUGAR its London premiere at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 23rd June – 28th June. The play will be part of a double bill titled: A TALE OF TWO JOURNEYS, presented alongside An Insomniac’s Guide to Ambulances (Written and directed by Rachel Creeger, produced by time2shine production). The play has already had two successful performances at the Brighton Fringe Festival. It is newly translated to English and directed by Ariella Eshed, artistic director of Tik-sho-ret.


5 KILO SUGAR follows the story of Gur Koren, whose late grandfather appears to him through random people he meets and sends him on a mission that begins with sugar smuggling in the second world war and ends in the bed of a junior lecturer of Eastern European history. Written in the style of mockumentary, the play is a farcical yet touching story of one man's journey to fulfill his grandfather's wishes.


TIK-SHO-RET Theatre Company ( was established by Ariella Eshed in 2005

Tik-sho-ret aims to:

▪ Give platform to Israeli and Jewish theatre in the UK.

▪ Encourage collaborations through cultural and artistic exchange.

▪ Create educational and community-based projects around themes of communication and co-existence.


From the reviews of the original Israeli production: with witty and clever text…a moving tribute of young Israelis paying homage to their grandparents’ generation.” - Time Out Tel-Aviv


The theatrical event of ‘5 Kilo Sugar’ is unique and surprising, amusing and purifying, and in the end also heart breaking and painful in relation to the Holocaust and Jewish destiny.” - Maariv


The show was supported by: The Cultural Department of the Israeli Embassy, Balint Trust, Bank Leumi, London College of Contemporary Arts and everyone who helped through the Zequs crowd funding campaign.




Actors: Tom Slatter, Michal Banai, Shai Forester, Spencer Cowan.

Director: Ariella Eshed Designer: Grace Nicholas

Production manager: Dana Serfaty

Production assistant: Rachel Lee

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