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SPILL / Kings of England / Sylvia Rimat: 'In Eldersfield' & 'I guess if the stage exploded' at the Barbican

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Time 14:00
Date 22/04/11
Price £12

In 2009 SPILL launched a National Platform for emerging talent at the National Theatre Studio. In a special double bill two of the selected artists now present exciting new works.

In Eldersfield by Kings of England is a ten-chapter cycle of works for the twentieth century. Against a culture of lessening means and receding hopes, they raise the toast: to Dead Dogs, Dead Children, Dead Lovers, Dead Heroes, and how good it is to be alive. Broadening our concern for lost histories and unsayable things, they present an historical epic of open questions and long silences, in a quiet refusal to mean.
Performance artist Sylvia Rimat follows the aspirational and possibly impossible goal to create a show never to be forgotten by its audience members – not a single one. By presenting memory tasks and techniques, the audience is systematically trained to remember. I guess if the stage exploded... draws on presence and sight and our urge to be special and forever commemorated.

SPILL: Kings of England and Sylvia Rima