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Sleepwalk Collective: Swimming Pools at the Battersea Arts Centre

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Time 20:30
Date 05/05/20
Price £12.5

Live-art and experimental theatre group, Sleepwalk Collective, bring their most ambitious show to date. Expect a truly psychedelic experience.

Tuesday 05 - Thursday 07 May 2020.

Wrestling fearlessly with the demons of the early 21st century – rampant capitalism, toxic masculinity, internet boredom – Swimming Pools is about how we might live together in the blinding brightness of the future.

Across a series of imagined swimming pools, arranged like the ascending levels of a retro videogame, a sequence of intimate, confessional monologues are whispered out by four women onstage.

Sleepwalk Collective is the award-winning creator of Amusements, Karaoke, Domestica and  Kourtney Kardashian.

'Few theatre-makers capture the vertiginous thrill and terror of contemporary existence as captivatingly as Sleepwalk Collective' - The Guardian

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