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Sink the Pink: How To Catch A Krampus at the Pleasance Theatre

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Time 19:30
Date 23/12/18
Price £25

Sink the Pink's dark and terrifying twist on the traditional Christmas theatre show, How To Catch A Krampus is the black-hearted antidote to all things cheery this festive season...

Dates and Times: Tue 13 Nov - Sun 23 Dec, 19:30 & 14:30.

Featuring dancing drag queens, a terrifying live score, show-stopping numbers, mind bending magic and bogey men, blood and brussel sprouts, this show is guaranteed to ruin your Christmas and enough to put you off your eggnog.

Inspired by London's bawdy and dangerous theatrical past and a love of classic British Horror - think Sweeney Todd meets the Wicker Man (and Black Mirror with better wigs!) - How To Catch A Krampus is a raucous anthology of terrifying stories and spooked-out songs that come climbing out of the winter dark to remind us that not everyone is good for goodness' sake.