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Ontroerend Goed: '£¥€$' (Lies) at the Almeida Theatre

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Time 18:00
Date 01/08/18
Price £35

World-renowned Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed brings its award-winning immersive production about economics to the Almeida Theatre, giving a captivating glimpse into human behaviour & greed.

Running from: Wed 01 - Sat 18 Aug, Mon - Fri 6pm & 9pm, Sat 4pm & 8pm.

"The best way to rob a bank is to own one" -  (William Crawford, Commissioner of the California Department of Savings and Loans).

For one night only, you are invited to join the super-rich. The 1%. You will call the shots. You will be the centre of the economy. You will have the power.

Given the chance to do things your way - will you play it safe or risk it all?

£¥€$ (LIES) is an extremely exciting, fast-paced and interactive piece of theatre, which involves playing a gambling game. The performance will feature video, loud noise, bright lights and an energetic atmosphere. Please note, all seating is around tables and on high, backless stools.