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Marisa Carnesky: SHOWWOMEN at Jacksons Lane

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Time 20:30
Date 16/06/22
Price £12

Olivier award winning performance maker, Marisa Carnesky's feminist rewrite is the untold herstory of British working-class entertainment from immigrant, queer, activist and occult perspectives.

16 - 18 June, 19:30.

Spectacle, Danger, Resistance, Leopard Print, Ectoplasm.

What happens when the Showgirl grows up?

1940’s body magic star Koringa, 1930’s pioneer clown Lulu Adams, 1920s female dare-devil Marjorie Dare and 1880’s teeth hanging aerialist superstar Miss La La are the inspiration to explore lesser-known stories of extraordinary women in variety performance from a century ago. SHOWWOMEN compares them to the lived experiences of exceptional performers today.

Marisa narrates and performs alongside guest stars hair hanger/comedienne Fancy Chance, sword, singing and spoken word artist Livia Kojo Alour and physical and fire performer Lucifire, interweaving live action, in depth interviews and archival footage to create a dreamlike landscape mixing death defying stunts, taboo breaking acts, political resistance and secret backstage rituals.

The show asks why and how women perform dangerous and taboo acts and explores the legacy of forgotten and marginalised British entertainers.

It looks at the collective power of women working together and the timeless representations of women performers as part animal hybrids. Expect witchy goings-on in full leopard print, naked crocodile women scaling walls, ladders of swords, live hair hanging, never-ending pom poms and ectoplasmic clowns, SHOWWOMEN channels entertainment heritage to create visions of matriarchal performance futures.

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