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Lynne Tillman / Guy Gunaratne: Weird Fucks at The Shipwright

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Time 13:00
Date 05/06/22
Price £20

Welcome to the world of Weird Fucks by Lynne Tillman. Directed by Guy Gunaratne, this is an inquisitive and hilarious dispatch from the erogenous zones of New York and Europe.

Think wyrd, like the witch sisters of Macbeth, or already feeling like a ghost, or waiting in a Victorian nightgown on Valium for two months, or knowing more about the cock of the baby alien in your bed than about his face.

A young woman drifts through dimly lit bars and rented rooms, reporting from the erogenous zones of New York and Europe. Encountering increasingly bizarre sexual situations, she turns her curious, comic, and fierce eye onto the contemporary world of sex and desire.

‘Weird Fucks. Killer sentences. This sex is hilarious, this sex is devastating, this sex is life. Lynne Tillman is the greatest.’ - Charlie Porter

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