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LIFT: Cie Non Nova: Immoral Tales Part 1 – Mother House at the Barbican

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Time 18:45
Date 16/06/20
Price £28

Part sci-fi punk, part warrior, Athena spares no effort in building a new Parthenon only to be thwarted by a deluge in this amazingly poetic, highly physical performance without words.

Tuesday 16 - Saturday 20 June, 19:45.

Using just scotch tape and poles, our heroic builder painstakingly assembles a pile of cardboard, stabilising the rickety structure and shaping it with a chainsaw until a European landmark emerges. But as soon as the temple is complete, a foreboding cloud appears on the horizon, leaving us with stark images of creation and destruction.

French artist Phia Ménard, who plays Athena, developed Immoral Tales Part 1 – Mother House in response to the Greek financial crisis, refugees being housed in tents and turbulent changes across Europe. Showing how quickly something can collapse, there are visions of a society facing ruin in this tension-filled, visually arresting show.

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