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Emma Rice / Kneehigh: Brief Encounter at The Empire Cinema Haymarket

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Time 19:30
Date 31/03/18
Price £39.5

With the characteristic wit & musicality of Kneehigh, the joy & heartache of Noel Coward’s timeless & haunting love story will be brought to life once again, as the smash-hit returns to the West End.

Running from: Fri 02 Mar - Sun 02 Sep.

Live on stage and on film at the Empire Cinema in London’s West End.

“I’m a happily married woman. Or rather I was until a few weeks ago. This is my whole world and it’s enough, or rather it was until a few weeks ago.”
Your heart dances. The world seems strange and new.
You want to laugh and skip and fall forever…
You are in love.
You are in love with the wrong person.
“That’s how it all began. Just by me getting a little piece of grit in my eye.”

Noel Coward’s “Brief Encounter” is remembered as one of the most haunting love stories ever. The award winning Kneehigh Theatre is one of the most loved and admired theatre companies in the country. Emma Rice - presides over the marriage of these two as director and adaptor.

The cast will feature Jim Sturgeon as Alec, Isabel Pollen as Laura, Lucy Thackeray as Myrtle, Beverly Rudd as Beryl, Jos Slovick as Stanley and Dean Nolan as Fred/Albert, with Katrina Kleve and Peter Dukes.

"An absolute triumph. Moving, funny, jaw-droppingly inventive...I haven’t had such a good time in years" - The Independent

"Emma Rice’s staging of Noël Coward's screenplay is a total delight. Moving, funny, gripping and even at its most inventive, true to the original and its all-English heart" - The Times

"Surely the most enchanting work of stagecraft ever inspired by a movie" - New York Times


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