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Dismantle This Room at the Royal Court Theatre

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Time 21:00
Date 06/04/19
Price £18

Dismantle This Room is an immersive escape-the-room experience that asks the questions: how can we dismantle existing power structures? And what can we build in their place?

Dates and Times: Sat 06 - Sat 27 Apr, 14:00, 16:00, 19:00 & 21:00.

Participants will have just one hour to work together to interrogate the established power structures in theatre. What’s the best route of attack and how far are you willing to go? So stage that violent revolution. Take them down from the inside. Blow the whistle. Or tear it all up and start again.

Decision-making starts from the moment bookers buy a ticket. As an experiment around ideas of power and privilege, Dismantle This Room asks all participants to pay the price that they feel corresponds to their personal level of privilege, however they’d measure that. A higher ticket price corresponds to a higher self-defined level of privilege. If you’re privileged – please pay for it. Tickets are £1, £5, £12 or £18.