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Calm Down Dear: Cry Cry Kill Kill: A Round Table on Rage at Camden People's Theatre

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Time 17:00
Date 08/06/19
Price £8

A performative round table event for rage junkies and the rage-inclined.

Inspired by the times they have been called hysterical, or shrill, or unbalanced, or strident, or crazy, or overemotional, Louise Orwin presents an opportunity and an exorcism.

Joined by a panel of special guests (to be announced soon), Louise will chair a discussion in a round table forum with the audience that explores the things that make us flip our lids and gnash our teeth. Why are we angry now? Is there a place for anger in the fight for equality? And why do toxic clichés and stereotypes around feminine rage exist?

Post-discussion Louise will lead a communal ritual and destruction party, inviting guests and panellists to destroy, smash or exorcise their enraged demons.

Guests will be invited to join in the discussion, to bring items to be destroyed in this final ceremony, or simply to bear witness to a cathartic session like no other.

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