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Brian Lobel 'Carpe Minuta Prima' at Brick Box

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Time 10:00
Date 21/02/11
Price £1
  • Produced by Brian Lobel
  • Price All minutes bought and sold for £1
  • Bring along the theatrically curious and playful
  • See you at Brick Box

Brian Lobel is offering you, yes YOU, £1 for 1 minute of your life. Exciting minutes, regretful minutes, Brian Lobel wants to own them all.

Over 2 weeks in Brixton Village Market, performance artist Brian Lobel will add a devilish twist to the age-old question “Can I have a minute of your time?”

From 21 – 26 February Brian will be offering you £1 in exchange for 1 minute of your life.  If you agree, you will be filmed for 1 minute and asked to sign a contract granting him exclusive rights to that minute.

From Friday 4 March revist the Market to see all the collected minutes - or a working day in the life of Brixton Village Market - installed in an interactive public sculpture (or vending machine). For just £1 you can buy your minute back or walk away the exclusive owner of a fragment of stranger’s life.

Meaning 'seize the minute', Carpe Minuta Prima playfully explores themes of economy, the value of our time and our work, the over-documenting of our lives and what it means to sign away your soul.


Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation with production support from Barrett & Salazar CIC.

Brian Lobel
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