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Andrea Salustri: MATERIA

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Time 19:30
Date 19/01/23
Price £18
  • Price £16-18
  • Get ready for the infinite possibilities of polystyrene
  • Bring along environmentally friendly materials
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  • See you at Jacksons Lane

In this remarkable piece of visual theatre, Andrea Salustri explores its possibilities to the point it becomes alive and protagonist of the events on stage.

As an almost unseen animator he shows how we engage with objects, allowing them their own performing artistry, creating magic in front of our eyes. No narrative or weighty metaphors here, just extraordinary sensory evocations. You have to see it to believe.

Now based in Berlin, Italian born Andrea Salustri trained as a juggler in Rome before studying dance and choreography in Berlin. A Laureate of the circusnext European Circus Label, Materia was a hit at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

'All the polystyrene used during the performances of MATERIA will be collected and transported back to Berlin, where the company is based, to be composted by worms called Zophobas Morio. These worms possess bacterial enzymes in their gut that biodegrade polystyrene, making them able to digest it’, Andrea Salustri

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